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Is it just a few weeks to your best friend's baby shower and you still haven't figured out what gift(s) to get because you can't seem to find that 'perfect' gift? Or maybe its a random friend's baby shower and its your sole mission to steal the eyes (and attention) of the crowd by bringing a gift that would outshine every other? Whatever category you fall in, I understand! I've been there, and succeeded ;) , maybe failed sometimes ( Not my favorite moments lol) but which is why I don't want you to experience the same. In a bid to help a sister like you out, I put together something I wish I have always had:  a go-to list of the hottest gifts you can buy and where to get them. So you can be done racking your brains. Trust me, this will solve your problem.

Gift-Giving Tip: The most perfect gifts are not those which cost the most money, they are those which genuinely connect with the emotions and soul of the receiver. This has actually been researched and proven according to an article in Forbes Magazine. Your girlfriend and mom-to-be is, at this stage excited about her new baby coming, but she's also terrified (even if she doesn't say so). So you can use this to your advantage. You can win the 'competition' by getting her something that will remind her of how much fun raising a baby can be or something that will make her feel in control of her baby's safety (or both!). The choice is yours.
That being said, here are our awesome ideas!

1. Harry Potter Themed Onesies:

These onesies are great. Everyone at some point in their childhood was obsessed with Harry Potter. Getting your preggy girlfriend this, not only makes her connect with her childhood days (the young and hip days--- everyone loves to feel young again) but the hilarious sayings on the onesies would make her laugh even on a bad day! Plus onesies are one of the things that she cannot do without, and can't ever have enough of. She would literally sing you praises!
Get here: Harry Potter Themed Onesies
Price: $24:99

2. Funny "Horrifying" Pacifiers

The combination of a cute and innocent baby face with an ugly horrifying pacifier is honestly too funny guys! Also a pacifier would help to soothe her baby= more sleep= happy girlfriend. And its a pretty cheap option too.

Get Here: Funny "Horrifying" Pacifiers
Price: $13.99

3. UV Light Baby Pacifier Sterilizers

If you want to go for something a bit more serious, especially for those who are very health conscious, a pacifier sterilizer would be a good option. This is a relatively new technology (not a lot of people know about it!) which uses Ultra Violet light rays to destroy bacteria which inevitably accumulate on pacifiers and feeding bottle nipples. Why not make her feel like she's in control of her baby's health by getting her this! Considering the pacifier is going to be one of her baby's most used instruments, its a great option. Good care of it is important and cannot be overemphasized. This would make a great gift combo with the horror design pacifiers.

Get Here: UV Light Baby Pacifier Sterilizers
Price: $65

4. Incognito Nursing Scarf

Is your girlfriend like a lot of my new-mom girlfriends, devoted to breast feeding? She would love this nursing cover/fashionable scarf. Talk about 2 for the price of 1! It comes in different colors and patterns, so everyone gets to have a favorite!

Get Here: Incognito Nursing Scarf
Price: $35

6. 3D Teddy Bear Night Lamp

Ladies, this is adorable! It's beautiful and purely magnificent. Light up your girlfriend's world with this 3D LED Teddy bear Night Lamp. It's one that I am absolutely in love with and Its something you can even buy for your homes, if you love to make a statement in your home. Its a really beautiful room decor.

Get Here: 3D Teddy Bear Night Lamp
Price: $79:99


7. Fashionable Diaper Bag

The reviews on this are amazinggg-- Fashionable, Compact, Easy to carry! It's a heaven in the land of diaper bags, and it doesn't even look like one! Trust me, your girlfriend would love you for this. Oh and it comes in various colors too.

Get here: Fashionable Diaper Bag

Price: $99.99


8. First Walkers that stand out:

These 'I love Papa and Mama' Sneakers are so cute and they come in different colors. They scream Chic, Stylish and Edgy. And what can be more beautiful than a constant reminder of how loved papa and mama are by their new baby. This is so great because the feeling of being loved is one of the greatest and most beautiful feelings in the world! This will give your girlfriend and mom-to-be just that.

Get Here: I love Papa and Mama Sneakers                                                           Price: $18.99

9. Bib-turned-Apron!!!

Bibs are very essential to baby care, and your girlfriend has to have a lot of them, to prevent her baby's wear from getting stained. But even with the regular bibs, food still gets to escape and spill to the clothes underneath, that's why this bib-turned-apron is such a good one! It has sleeves and offers full coverage and to top it all off, it costs only $7.99 for each. It also comes in lots of beautiful and colorful designs.

Get Here: Bib-turned-Apron                                                                               Price :$7.99

10. Front-facing baby Carrier


This ensures close mother-baby contact that is very valuable and necessary to create an unbreakable bond between them.

Get Here: Front-facing baby carrier                                             

Price: $24.99 for carrier


Based on your budget you can get as many items from the list as you would like (if you have the big bucks, don't be scared to show your girlfriend how much you're there for her! And if you don't, like the majority of us, don't you worry as even the item with the least cost would make your girlfriend the happiest mom-to-be which is our goal, right? ). Take action today. I hope this would help you as much as it has helped me. Have fun at the baby shower, and please let us know how it goes by commenting below, and give your takes on these products (share pictures if you can, we are one community). If this was helpful, please give a thumbs-up and share with a friend who might need this!

Bye Pals,

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